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It uses customizable keys to begin, stop, and pause the capturing process. You're also able to capture system sounds and many other devices like microphone or headphone. This is extremely useful to record gameplay. Movavi Screen Capture is ideal for recording any video screen and applications on a Mac.

With this Bandicam for Mac alternative, you can get awesome results in no time thanks to its simple settings and user-friendly interface.


Bandicam for Mac

No matter what you're about to record, Movavi Screen Capture for Mac will do it well. For gamers, it's usually required to capture the game sounds and microphone sounds.

How To Setup & Use Bandicam For Recording (2018)

There isn't any problem for Movavi Screen Capture. Apart from these, any audio sets, midi devices, Skype and program-specific sounds are supported. Full Screen, Windows and Custom Area modes let you start recording easily. Hotkeys for Start, Pause and Stop make it easier to operate.

The recorded file size is much smaller than other Bandicam for Mac alternatives thanks to Movavi's cutting-edge compression technique. The quality is kept closer to the original source. The output files are fully compatible with YouTube. Want to show keys pressed on keyboard?

Screen Recording Software: capture anything on your PC screen - Bandicam

It's easy to turn it on or off. You can also make settings to cursor, clicks and click sounds.

Best Bandicam Alternative for Mac

Bandicam is considered the best screen recorder software for recording everything on computer. Get it for free trial now.

Meet the Best Screen Recording Software for any occasion!

It's very easy to use Movavi Screen Recorder to capture videos. After making your preferred options, click the Record button to start recording. When recording finished, you can either edit it or save it to your Mac. In Movavi Screen Recorder, you have lots of preset standard recording size.

  1. Top 5 Bandicam Mac Alternatives to Record Video on Mac OS X.
  2. Top 5 Bandicam Mac Alternatives to Record Mac Screen!
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  8. Simply pick one to fit your needs. Click Save to export the recorded video to the selected format. Different from some recording software's large size of recordings, Movavi Screen Capture delivers smaller size and high quality recordings. You got a perfect Bandicam for Mac alternative to record and edit video on Mac. Welcome to the Mac world! Like Bandicam, Movavi Screen Recorder records screen with my computer sound or my voice.

    Bandicam Screen Recorder Download

    Thanks, Movavi Screen Recorder! All Rights Reserved. English Japanese. Bandicam is the trademark of Bandisoft. Bandicam for Mac Home Download Now. Choose the Best Bandicam for Mac Alternative See the table below to know more about the similarity of these two screen recording software. Step 1: Double click the downloaded file to install Step 2: