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I wrote the review based on X3 v3. When the release version of X3 3. Those were with the full application… I didn't focus on X3 as a Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in. While it doesn't take long to learn Alien. It's a shame many people will overlook the product based on this thin review. I get little to no lag on my work PC but lag on my Mid Imac i3. I would suggest people watch the tutorials Alien has produced to know what the software can do.

I barely touch my standalone LR since I've gotten Alien 5 months ago. The software is much more capable than this review lets on. As far as I can see there is no gradient tool and the highlight recovery is someway behind C1. Deal breaker. Click on the Brush tool. This will open a sub-menu, but you may have to scroll down a bit. Near the bottom you'll see a radial and two linear gradient options.

You had me at "no subscription. Lightroom 6 is the end of the line for my purchase of Adobe products, now that new versions are subscription only. Subscription, coupled with Adobe's infuriatingly poor user interface design and sluggish performance. I refuse to use let alone pay for software that looks and feels like a web application. Many here including myself are not professionals, and probably many, myself included, have rather modest incomes.

If people want to pay the subscription then that's fine. Adobe products are not for me, not anymore. Maybe a growing trend. One nice thing about Alien Skin Exposure X3 is it can work as a plug-in to Photoshop CC and has some features that are faster to do in X3 than in Photoshop such as retro film look. I don't agree. It can be an opinion but It depends on if you use by standardized methods data to make comparison between different applications in your review.

Go for it then. I prefer to make my own judgements. Everything I own is disliked by a large percentage of people. The problem in most cases is many reviewers are not really users. More problematic is that most users are amateurs and haven't a clue about photography. They are the ones targeted. Go because I read a review?.. Of course you like to make your own judgements. In comparison-reviews an own judgement can be perfectly made. I think that's the problem with THIS review. DPR reviews used to be a lot more thorough. It was the main reason anyone came here - to get the exhaustive run through before investing in a product.

Thank you for the review. I think you saved me time trying this software. On the surface I don't see any added benefit over the free Phitoscape X, and at this price point might as well go with Capture one. The competition is really strong now and the free options are really good.

I'm a Fuji shooter and I've been testing Exposure for a while now and how anyone can perceive this to be good for X-trans files is beyond me. When it comes to sharpness and retaining details it's even worse than Lightroom, which is already one of the worst softwares for X-trans files.

And just like you've mentioned in the review RAF files also load and render very slowly. On the upside it doesn't suffer from the "watercolor effect" as far as I've seen. I use Lightroom, but I convert the files with Iridient X-transformer first. Although the best softwares I've used for X-trans files are RawTherapee and ON1, but I find those lacking in several other areas unfortunately.

In my recent tests with x3f files I found they can be opened with the free software chasy draw ies. But the conversion is dull, soft and noisey.

Alien Skin Exposure 7 Crack Serial Keygen Free Download ~ how to for you

So not really worth it. Affinity photo surprised me in ability to open the files, from Sd14, Sd1m and sdq. The edits are very fast and the output is good. There are some noise artifacts, but only at the pixel level. I mention my Sd14 as its the last fully supported Sigma camera. Sigma pro is still the best output, but on my computer takes minutes vs seconds for Affinity. If uou haven't tried Affinity, I would recommend it. The high level "preview" made me curious.

The worst I have seen in a while. I hate the retouching they did to the portrait, and the BW example is just hilarious. Let's turn a beautiful redhead into a BW picture, right The landscape is completely unrealistic. Sorry for the harsh criticism here, but then again thanks for sparing me the time to test your software. We simply don't share the same taste. Sticking to LR and my Fuji presets.

So, if I got this right, you don't like what you see on their website, didn't test the software, but ready to judge? Yes, I thought the "high quality presets" where not to my liking. I am absolutely ready to judge what they present on their webpage. Guess that's their point of putting it there. This is not about superficially judging people, it's a product, and I did not feel like spending the time to go deeper after what I saw. Really no reason to feel offended, just one opinion out of many. I just wanted to make sure if I understand you correctly. And it seems I did.

My English keep getting better. I bought this software last month. I love it! Nothing organizes beter. What, "short cut" is a program option? I've never heard the term. Please elaborate.

Alien Skin Exposure X4 Bundle

I'm still hooked on Aperture's method of import and from your comment that" it's still better than Aperture" prompted this reply. Aperture's DAM is one of the major items that has kept me with this relic even though other programs have excelled in the editing department. Hello John, I've always stored my photographs outside of a "DB" type library. I prefer a flat file system with sub folders that allows me to search and access my originals with any application. I originally started on Windows and the D.

This is still the best design I've ever used to this day for importing. Then 11y ago I migrated to Apple and tried to use lightroom but it wouldn't let me do what I wanted. It was not as good as "Cam2pc" but it was close enough to make me comfortable. To set it up: Then click "Select Folder to add it to the Folders Bar. Now whenever you place that memory card in the ready it will pop up in the folders menu 5. Now click on the folder to view like you would normally to view its contents. You can now click on the Pictures you wish to import.

The haze correction is not as good as DxO Optics pro but this is a good match and replacement for LR5. In fact, Affinity competes on much more than price. They've shown big design chops in some very intelligent, advanced abilities compared to Photoshop and its ilk. But as an approach, and with regard to this company in particular, what you imply is just wrong. This is an immature journalistic move, a false way to try to gain attention, and you should know a lot better.

Push is, in your face NarrBL If you re-read that paragraph, you'll see that I wasn't putting down anything; I was using them as examples of being competitive on price—which they are—without any comment about functionality. This is a basic and base rhetorical move, advertorial false competition rather than discussing merit straightforwardly, unless you really don't understand.

I'm sorry to have to point it out, but would stand thus by what I said. If you don't mean it, do a lot better next time -- please. Very basic stuff. Far from suitable for my operation. If a company wants to compete with Lightroom - perhaps the interface should mimic Lightroom? It can't find my NAS server - so useless. Not sure this constitutes a review. Perhaps an overview and initial thoughts. It doesn't delve into IQ technicals in any meaningful way, and for that reason isn't especially helpful to anyone seriously evaluating the product.

The need for quick culling, rating and keywording while still being able to do quick edits at the same time is what keeps me bound to LR. BTW, I plan to download the trial version. But I want to wait until I'm in a better position to make the most of the 30 days. You can do all that in X3, without the reliance on LR's import and catalogue - see https: Also have a look at the update blurb I recently tried the demo specifically for the DAM.

The major feature that turned me away was the lack of Smart Folders. Speed wise it renders quicker than LR5 last time I really used it without the need to generate previews. I ended up going with ON1 because the speed of culling super fast and the ability to create smart albums based on keywords and metadata. I evaluated Exposure X3 a few months ago.

That's a total deal breaker for me. And, it's such basic functionality I was really surprised when I found this limitation. The results of recovery are atrocious, particularly if you increase the exposure too. I dumped LR for Exposure X3 and it's a great editing application. Will never go back to any Adobe products.

I find it faster than Lightroom. I like the fact that I don't have to switch between the Library and Develop modules. All in all a very nice app that keeps getting better.

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It was a second for me, went with ON1. I would love to see where both On1 and Exposure are in years. Right now it felt like both of those apps are trying to take advantage of LR going subscription only. This isn't necessarily true. You can save almost all the metadata out to the files in LR, and you can even have it do it automatically Edit - Catalog settings - Metadata tab - Automatically write changes into XMP. In this way, your edits and most metadata are written to either the images files or to sidecar files in the case of proprietary raw files.

If you import those files into a new catalog or someone else imports them to their catalog , they'll have the edits and metadata for those files already in LR's catalog. Not being an LR user myself I'm curious to know how it handles images that are deleted or moved directly?

I've seen many times with these image editing programs that try to catalog files, that when the actual files go missing i. Sometimes you can perform a refreshing operation which takes a long time, and in other cases like Darktable for example, you have to drop to a shell and execute commands or delete the catalog file entirely. Somehow it just seems natural and logical to keep every "editing aspect" about a file in a sidecar file.

It's so simple: There's the file, there's the sidecar. Move or delete both and you won't have any problems. I can't do that with software that has a proprietary catalog file format. It's all very simple - do any of your moving, renaming or deleting of images from inside of LR. That's it - LR keeps track of everything without issue.

If you do management like this outside of LR, then you cause a headache, but why? It's just as easy, if not easier to do it inside of LR. Lee Jay, Launching Lightroom just to delete or move a file vs just using Explorer, that's easier how? What if you decide to rename an image file while using another program? You have to leave that program, open LR, rename the file, then go back to the other program to continue working. I have nothing but contempt for LR's system of cataloging and importing. You can do as Lee Jay says and do your file management inside Lightroom.

Alternatively, you can do it outside of Lightroom, in which case your files are still previewed, but have a question mark icon in the corner to show that the program can't find them. Click the question mark and you are prompted to locate the file on disk. All the other images in the folder are re-linked automatically once you've found it. It's fairly easy, but this is one slight down side to the catalogue method. Lee Jay is also correct to point out that you can choose to save all edits as sidecar files automatically or indeed as metadata within the file if you are working with DNG.

However, you can't turn cataloguing off completely in Lightroom. It is very much easier to manage in LR, especially if you have many files in a folder like me, due to the catalog. There is no waiting for the folder to render and no wait for it to sort, it is all immediate. You can see all the folders inside LR and moves are super quick and easy. Especially if you don't want to manage photos by putting them in different folders which is just a slow and silly way to do things as opposed to keywording. Because it's easier to locate files in LR in the first place, it's easier to select them based on almost any criteria you like, and it's easy to just go to the folder panel with them selected and right-click and select the move files to here option or click and drag.

In other words, you can have one folder, collection or filter set open and still move them to another folder or location without another instance. What other programs do you use to manage your image files? I use exactly one, and one is plenty. It has MASSIVE advantages - like being able to bring up every image of one person you've ever taken in 2 seconds, for just one example. Some good posts here fairly explaining the advantages of LR and cataloging. Does that not involving tagging every photo?

Or can you tag folders as well, for example, all Australia folders or Work folders? Yes but I tag everything as I first view it in library view. I can highlight photos and mark them all with "Family", then 5 with "Blue Jay" and 15 with "White-throated Sparrow" and if I feel like it, I can add specific family members but I rarely do, except for my kids. It's fairly quick, and I can't think of a better way to organize things. The folders are irrelevant to me. The best part is, tags are put in the file itself, so if you ever stop using LR, you can still make use of them.

I did actually go back and retrofit about photos once - it took a while but highlighting large groups at once no need to go folder by folder - just view all untagged or something similar but I got through it and feel great about my organization now. I also use LR's face-detection and tag every face. I did over , such images when the feature came out. Took about 38 hours. I keep up with that on new imports, where it only takes seconds to minutes.

I use folder names as my primary organizational means, and you can search for those as well. You can even select one or more folders or collections and search within those. I had a family member die recently and I was asked if I had any decent pictures of the deceased. Took literally 5 seconds to find every face of that person and show just the face, not the whole image. And that's in a catalog with over , images. How long would that take using a folder-by-folder image-by-image search?

Oh I forgot about that face-detection, I meant to but never tried it out.

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Thanks for reminding me to go look it up. With X3 keeping everything flat in a standard file system with everything open, means if you get a corrupted X3 edit of a RAW file, you loose the one file not the RAW. I like being abelt o simply grab everything I've shot with the assiciated information through Explorer or Finder and back it up with a simple drag and drop. I can do this in and out of the application, which means I've got more tools to utilize then being stuck in some silly Catalog file.

I dislike catalogs because I've seen them get corrupted. That in its self is a deal breaker. If your going to limit yourself with a catalog file, then your eventually going to have issues. Flat storage can be imported into anything. Is easier to recover. Example, I switch between MAC laptop and windows desktop with an external drive, its pretty sweet and super flexible. Why screwed for day? Mine backups up every other time I exit. Just use the backed up file.

Limitiing yourself to slow file based organization because you are afraid of having to spend a minute switching to a different file possibly someday is silly. No one has a 1. My catalog is huge and the catalog file is 4. Backs up to BackBlaze all the time, quite easily and quickly less than a half hour. My backup takes seconds, it just goes in a folder on my PC.

Of course my PC is backed up to the cloud. I shoot all raw and have been doing it since Canon Introduced the "G1" back in My photo library alone is over 1TB in size and I have digital images going back to I don't know why someone would want to limit them themselves to only being able to to access their photos with only "1" program. I like to use several different programs and know exactly where i need to go without having to run everything through a middle man.

And what would everyone do if Lightroom was discontinued next month and support totally dropped from it?? I work in production operations. Been there done that: If they remove LR tomorrow, no problem, I own a perpetual license. If somehow I lose that, I can always export processed versions of my processed images if I want them and either way I still have my originals. It sounds like you don't understand the cataloging system.

It's just a database that stores metadata about your images thus making fast searches across the entire image library possible. It doesn't affect your images at all. If you set Lightroom to automatically save all edits to the file or sidecar file as you go along, then a corrupted catalogue file or sudden problem with Lightroom wouldn't be much of a problem, as most edits including keywording are stored with the file.

Personally, I do like to keep things well organized in the folder structure as well as using a catalogue, as I need to access the images from other applications. Another strategy is to create a separate catalogue file for each batch of photos you generate, and save the file within the folder with the photos when you want to work with a set of photos you just open that catalogue. This is pretty similar to Capture One's 'session' management method. Agreed, I think the problem is people don't understand what a catalog is.

I could never use lightroom again and it would have nothing to do with my photos.

Alien Skin Exposure X3 review

I would just lose the ease of organization and management. Also, if you end your subscription, you can still use the lightroom management features, you just lose most of the other features. You only lose two things if you let your subscription expire - Develop and Map. In fact, you can download and use everything else in LR for free right now even if you never subscribe.

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